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#New reality

Influence of family relationship style on the formation of deviant behavior in adolescents

Case technologies

  Case technologies -  this is a method of active problem-situational analysis based on learning by solving specific task-situations (cases). A feature of the case technology method is the creation of a problem situation based on facts from real life. The immediate goal of the method is to analyze the situation through the joint efforts of a group of students and develop a practical solution; the end of the process is the evaluation of the proposed options in the context of the problem posed.
   With case technology, specific answers are not given, they must be found on their own, this allows students, based on their own experience, to formulate conclusions, put into practice the knowledge gained, offer their own or group view of the problem. 
In the case, the problem is presented in an implicit, hidden form, and, as a rule, it does not have an unambiguous solution.

    To date, thanks to cases, I have shown one of the possible strategies for psychologically solving a particular situation. Each of you, if you wish, can, by virtue of your professional competencies, see your own version of achieving the result. The main thing is that the result should be the same for us - this is the resource state of the child, the experience of team cohesion and, of course, the professional growth of a specialist.

Case #1

The most important thing about raising a child 
without violence

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