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Peer Teaches Equal (POP)

   The project of international technical assistance "Peer educates peer" is implemented by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, its subdivisions (State Educational Institution "Academy of Postgraduate Education", regional institutions for the development of education, etc.), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA ).

    The project “Peer educates peers” (PEE) is the second stage in the process of implementing educational programs and peer education technologies in educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. At the first stage of the implementation of the POP approach in 2009-2011. the Concept for the implementation of the principle of “peer educates an equal” in institutions of general secondary education and an implementation plan were developed, the organizational and methodological foundations for the implementation of the peer education model in the field of a healthy lifestyle were laid, ways of introducing a system of work on the principle of POP into the educational process of institutions of general secondary education were tested. Teachers-consultants of 77 educational institutions, as well as regional (regional) coordinators and their potential reserve (25 people in total) have been trained.

     The main goal of the project is the further implementation of the “Peer educates peer” approach in the educational process of educational institutions, improvement of the regulatory legal framework and the coordination system of the RER, the development of scientific and methodological support for the promotion of the RER approach, the creation of a system for training and advanced training of teacher consultants, and the promotion of interaction to create systems of institutional and public support for the POP approach for the formation of healthy lifestyle skills in adolescents and young people.

    In the State Educational Institution "Academy of Postgraduate Education" a resource center "Equal teaches equal" (ROR resource center) has been established. The activity of the resource center contributes to the provision of educational, educational-methodical, scientific-methodical and organizational work on the implementation of the “Equal-teaches-peer” approach in educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus in the field of formation of motivations, knowledge, skills and habits of a healthy lifestyle for children and students

  Preventive meetings were also organized with adolescents at risk using videos through the material of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.
    Short animated videos highlight issues related to adolescence, gender culture, substance use and violence prevention, reproductive health and sexuality, HIV and STI prevention, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution.  
      These videos can be used when talking with teenagers on complex topics - they help to establish a trusting dialogue, which significantly increases the effectiveness of lessons and extracurricular activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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