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FORUM Theater

    The specificity of this method was the involvement of the audience in the play being played (real situations in the "Social Wrap"), the opportunity to act both as an observer and the actor himself, the possibility of an emotional and dynamic exchange of personal experience.

    The main task of the FORUM theater is to eliminate the causes of addictive behavior. An important task also seems to be correction and role-playing learning to effectively interact and quit smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

      The performance is prepared by professional directors (teachers of additional education), and the actors are pupils of the circles. In the course of a short time, a specific scene was played out, reflecting the problem of addiction. The real problems that arose at meetings of commissions on juvenile affairs, strong points of law enforcement are considered as reasons: conflict in the family, bullying, grief, loneliness. This was followed by a dramatic situation and a climax - taking a drug, an overdose, a clash with the police, suicide, and so on.

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